Senior Settlements

Perhaps you have already heard about senior settlements, but were wondering what this was all about or just wanted more information about them before you made any financial decisions concerning your life insurance and other debt reduction decisions that you are considering. Our web site has a good deal of information available and our advisors are also available to answer your questions as well.

Basically a senior settlement or a senior life settlement as they are sometimes called is when a senior sells an insurance policy to an investor for a percentage of the insurance amount. The funds can be used for any number of different purposes including everything from paying your medical bills to going on a dream vacation.

Seniors today have many options to consider and this is were we can assist you in making decisions regarding senior settlements. If you need funds to reduce existing debt that you have or medical bills that you expect or you want to ensure that there are sufficient funds available to provide nursing care and maintain an acceptable quality of life, then you may want to consider a senior settlement.

There are a number of criteria that should be met in order to qualify for a senior settlement such as:

* The life insurance policy should be worth at least $20,000 or more

* There is a limited life expectancy of the insured

* There are no existing liens on the policy

These areas will determine just how much you can expect from a senior settlement and the longer you can expect to live, the lower the settlement is likely to be. Once you have found out if you are qualified for a senior settlement and how much the settlement will be, seniors can decide if they wish to proceed or if they want to explore some other solution. Some seniors instead of using a senior settlement will consider a reversed mortgage, others will use up their savings and still others will receive the help from relatives and friends.

Regardless of which way you decide to go with your decision, you may still wan to speak with one of our agents and advisors. They can assist you with all of your questions and help you make an informed decision.

Senior life insurance settlements are an excellent way of gaining access to fund from your life insurance policy now and putting the money to good use. Whether it is better personal care when you most need it or paying for a nursing home or going on that dream vacation, a senior settlement can be the answer for many people with a valid life insurance policy.