The professionals at RCT are regarded as leaders in the life settlement industry in designing financial products and portfolios that institutional investors can count on to yield the desired results they seek from an investment in life settlements. RCT’s strategy and unique approach are geared to the development of the life settlements market as the best emerging new asset class at a time when investors are seeking alternative investments than those currently available in traditional investment markets.

Are you an institutional investor, a hedge fund, a closed-end fund, pension fund, or private equity group? If so, RCT’s experience, expertise and systems will ensure that your investment in life settlements or your investment portfolio will be structured in a cost efficient and professional manner. Here are just a few of the reasons RCT should be your preferred source for life settlements investments;

  • Portfolio Design – Using our proprietary software we are able to carefully design and structure a life settlement portfolio that can produce very attractive returns on investment for investors in life settlements. RCT has the knowledge and experience to provide investors with a financial product that is tailored to their particular needs and will work hand in hand with investors throughout the acquisition process.
  • Portfolio Management – RCT works with the leading service companies in the life settlement business that will assist investors in managing a portfolio right from the inception of the portfolio. RCT has the requisite knowledge and expertise to help continually monitor portfolio performance in order to minimize all of the carrying costs of the individual policies or of the portfolio while at the same time ensuring investors receive an optimum return on their investment.
  • We Know About Value – RCT is the company that knows how to dig into a life insurance policy to reveal all of the value that it contains. We have the software and tools necessary to optimize each and every policy in a portfolio and the experience to save investors money by minimizing premium payment obligations to the lowest amount possible for each individual policy. Our pricing structures are the best in the industry and no life settlement firm can provide better value for investors than RCT. We continuously monitor the life settlement market place to bring investors the absolute best values in life insurance policies we can find.
  • Experience – RCT has been a proven force in the life settlement industry and is ready and able to put all of the collective years of its staffs experience to work with each and every investor. Since its inception RCT has been a leader in designing financial products for institutional investors worldwide. Our strategy and unique approach has produced portfolio performance that is unequalled in the life settlement industry.

Our experience, expertise and devotion to customer service provide our clients with the financial strategies and solutions that they expect from the life settlement markets. If you would like to learn more about RCT and the life settlement market, please contact us to discuss your goals and needs. Please call the office at 732.600.5779 or email any inquiries to

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Accredited Investors: If you are an accredited investor, you may have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of investing in RCT Policies FLP as many of the worlds top banks and pension funds have been doing for years. Call today to see if you qualify, 732.600.5779.