Financial Advisors

RCT Policies FLP offers Financial Advisors and Life Insurance Agents an excellent  solution that would often times be overlooked.  For a variety of reasons, a prospective client may need to get out of a current life insurance policy.

Reasons a client may need to get out of a life insurance policy:

  • For a policy that might be in danger of lapsing because the cost of making the premiums has become too high.
  • Situations in which the client’s estate has been reduced in size so that less insurance is required to pay any potential estate taxes.
  • When less insurance is required because of recent changes in estate tax laws.
  • When the client’s current asset mix contains too much life insurance.
  • When a policy that had been purchased to fund a buy-sell agreement for a company no longer is needed because the company has been sold.
  • When key-person insurance was purchased that is no longer needed.

Income opportunities for you in the life settlement industry are large and getting larger each year. It can be said that you have a duty to stay informed about the life settlement industry and that you might even have an absolute fiduciary duty to make these opportunities available to your clients.

What would you say to a client who simply let a policy lapse because he couldn’t afford the premium payments when that client could have entered into a life settlement for that policy had you informed him about that possibility?

RCT Policies FLP has signed up over 1,000 agents, including each of the following professional fields:

  • Certified Financial Planners
  • Fee Only Financial Planners (including NAPFA members)
  • Fee Based Financial Planners
  • American Express Financial Planners
  • Christian Financial Planners
  • Life Insurance Agents Nationwide